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The Projects

Orizzonte Nizza in Tour is a promotional project whose task is to make the end customer aware of the Nizza Docg territory.

The tour involves restaurateurs, first of all, in the Piedmonts provinces and then throughout the peninsula, organising themed dinners with Nizza pairings.

Members of the Association present the appellation and their wines, and hand out educational material for further information, while explaining to the participants what the Nizza system is all about.


The appointment with Orizzonte Nizza is now eagerly awaited by journalists and operators, who closely follow the Association and the Nizza producers. This is an important project in the promotion of wines and territory, it keeps the Association in contact with the national and international press, communicating its goals and growth of its wine production.

The Board of Directors, united and proud of this initiative, decides every year to put different vintages on tasting to give every member wineries the opportunity to confront themselves with the opinions of insiders, a direct evaluation similar to technical tastings.


The Nizza Seminar was born out of the need to train students from national and international hotel management schools as future operators.

The aim is to create a culture of the territory and to describe the accurate work of the winemaker. Targeted tastings will be organised in the classroom, accompanied by a technical explanation with oenological expertise.


The Associazione Produttori del Nizza has created the Nizza Ambassador award, a prestigious recognition which every year is given to an operator who enhances the territory and wines and who has distinguished themselves by promoting the Nizza appellation.